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Marine Industry

SpaceAge Synthetics’ Thermo-Lite Board®

SpaceAge Synthetics, Ltd offers our Thermo-Lite Board® product lines with several densities, compositions, and thicknesses to suit endless marine applications that require water resistance, light weight, and high strength material. Our composite is extremely durable and does not warp, splinter, or crack; it can be glued, screwed, stapled, or bolted securely into place. Thermo-Lite Board® offers a great bonding surface for non-water-based adhesives, resins, gel-coats, and paints. We use the finest polyurethane and fiberglass available, and are pleased to offer a full manufacture’s warranty; guaranteeing our quality products will remain non-absorbent, stable, tough, and free from defects in material or workmanship under normal and non-abusive use. Sold in sheet stock or cut into parts and kits, to suit your needs.

Some common uses in the marine industry:

Our products are proudly built for lifetime performance, at an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. We recognize that each company has very specific requirements to profitably build their products, and we offer a range of product lines and services that will help your company achieve success.